Knitting and childhood hobbies

I find knitting a very relaxing hobby. I do a lot of thinking about life, people, problems and solutions while knitting. Also, when I am watching TV, it feels like less of a waste of time to be knitting something. This winter, I knit 13 pairs of thrummed mittens, some sweaters for toddlers, a shawl which is only 1/4 finished and might be abandoned, and 2 or 3 pairs of socks. I learned how to knit when I was about 10, and wanted to make slippers and Barbie clothes. Yes, in those days, kids beyond the age of 5 played with Barbies, and learned how to sew and knit making a wardrobe for Barbie. We then had Barbie parties and shared clothes. Not for us, the pressures of dating and fear of going outside for us! We just became indoctrinated by the unreal body image of Brainless Barbie, but boy, could I knit a mean hot pants outfit! I love how people are passionate about knitting and write so fiercely about knitting. And don’t get me started on the textural and visual aspects of lovely natural fibers!


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