Sewing as Therapy

It seems that the more I sew, the more I slow down, do more thinking, make better choices about fabric, and read more blogs, books, and magazines. When I can’t sleep at night, I review the steps in constructing bras. Truly, the synapses in my brain, are connecting in very different ways from the issues that I dealt with when I taught elementary school.

Today, I read a blog about a woman who was sewing tops, and making adjustments to blouse patterns post a double mastectomy. I’m sure that sewing aids in a practical way to engage the mind in practical and positive ways. By blogging, she received support from her sewing sisters in the world–short, positive comments about her recovery, as well as praise for her cute new tops that she had sewn. I’m sure that she has a strong support network with family and friends, but she also received short, kind words of healing from other sewing friends in the world. The sewing community that I have met on line, gives me a connection with people who think creatively, share a passion for sewing, fit and fabric. It is now an enjoyable part of my life, to see what other sewists are making, and how they tackle fitting issues and improve patterns.

I know that there are many supportive communities out there: gardeners, cooks, painters, journal makers, artists, woodworkers, and people who share a love of teaching. I find these communities very respectful, and rarely make the snide comments you see in news articles.

I’m thankful for my blogging friends in the sewing world. Most of my sewing posts are at  I’m still learning about writing a blog.




About Learningwithdonna

I am a retired teacher who loves to sew. I have met many good friends through sewing, and learn from the generosity of the many sewing blogs I follow. I hope to add to this, by recording my learning on my blog. I hope you visit!
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