Sewing Frustrations

It seems that you can go happily sewing for 7 years, make most of your own wardrobe, including custom bras, and a pair of men’s shorts can knock all the confidence out of you!

It seems that the welt pocket was like origami to me.

The fly front zipper needed 10 seam ripping sessions.

The crotch seam looked like uncomfortable, even as I was pinning it.

The waist front did not match the back waist.

This is not the fault of the pattern maker–just one of those crazy challenges that just did not fit my brain waves.


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Sewing as Therapy

I know that sewing runs deeper than the skill of putting fabric together. It connects me with a wider world. Continue reading

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Musings about Math Teaching

When we talk about math, it seems that many people have a lot of preconceived notions about this subject. I know I did. I thought math ability and understanding was inherited, and I was, sadly, missing that gene. I didn’t know that:

1. Math is a subject that everyone can learn, and can improve in their understanding.

2. There is more than one way to solve a problem.

3. I can learn math!

4. There are better ways to teach math.

My first grandchild was just born. I want his parents to know that telling stories is important. I want them to know that doing puzzles, posing open ended problems and making mistakes in solving problems is important. My grandson should love building and playing with things like: blocks, shapes, puzzles, lego, K’nex, Playmobile, dice, checkers, magic squares, and mazes.

I want him to learn to tie knots. I want him to learn the beauty of math and to understand the threeness of three! I want him to know that the equal sign is a balancing symbol, with both sides of the sign being equal, but not the same.

So, Parents:

Have a look at these sites. They are not mine, and I am not affiliated with any of them. But, it is a good way for you to look at math problems for your children.

Waiting in line, or driving in the car.

Math Bed Time Story: This site has a practical world story, with two levels of math problems to work at as you go to sleep.

Weekly Math problems from the National Council of Teachers of Math

GAINS: Excellent units of math for students who are struggling with number sense (10-14 years old) (Ontario, Canada). This site is especially good for teachers who are dedicated to improving their teaching strategies in math, as well as language, ELL, and differentiated instruction.

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Musings about this site!

I love the thinking  and books by Ellin Keen, Stephanie Harvey, Nancie Atwell, David Booth and Anne Goudvis. All of these authors and educators have opened my eyes to a more comprehensive understanding of literacy.
I am new to blogging and want to explore my passion for teaching by using this site as a sounding board. To be honest, I feel a little self-conscious, but I am sure I will become more confident as I work at it. Please share your experiences, feelings, best practices here.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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